Highest point in Virginia November 17, 2015

Woke up around 5:30 ish and started getting ready.  A 35-mile day is going to take everything I got.  Miles flew by in the morning.  After a dozen miles I took a nice break around some falls.  If I had the time, I could have sat there all day.  Made it to Old Orchard Shelter at 2 pm.  With 11 more miles to go, I just stopped to sign the logbook.  I broke the tree line and was completely astonished with the view.  Multiple mountains fading off in the distance was breathtaking.  I couldn’t come to take a picture that does no justice, all I could do was just enjoy.  Came upon the Grayson Highlands.  Unbelievable views really reminded me of the Grand Canyon.  About 200 small little ponies stay up in the high country all winter long.  They were definitely getting ready for the winter.  The ponies were almost a perfect circle.  They weren’t very scared, so I tried to petting a couple.  They weren’t having part in it.  As I would try to walk up to them, they would just keep turning around to stick their butt at you.  As their ears would go back I knew they were thinking about giving me a boot.  So I just laid off and kept hiking.  Winds started gusting, not long after I made it to Thomas Knob Shelter.  Thomas Knob Shelter is on Mt. Rodgers (5,729 feet), the highest point of Virginia.  It was nice to come into the shelter with other people hanging out.  The hiker names were So Way and E-Brake.  They had interesting ideas and So Way had quite a lot of miles under his belt.  Made some grub and called it a dayskeee.

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