Hitchhiking Adventures! April 23, 2016

DAY 2       Was hard to get sleep with tooth aching all night.  After a couple pain killers, I was able to sleep.  I passed out for a couple hours before waking up to a sprinkler head going off in the baseball diamond.  Most of my things got soaked before I was able to pack up and get out of there.  I found another spot not far away.  Passed out for a couple more hours before waking up to someone going thru the garbage cans.  It sounded like a homeless guy was gathering cans.  I had a pretty good stealth camp, tho didn’t know if he saw me.  Just in case he did, I pulled my belongings right next to me and passed out again.  I was anxious to start hitchhiking early, which didn’t help with my much needed deep sleep.  Finally got up at five thirty and packed my bag up fast.  I needed to walk a half mile to get to the next junction, to give me a better chance of a hitch.  Got my first hitch out of Globe within a half hour.  Only went about fifteen miles, but progress is progress.  Walked a half mile to get to the next junction.  Keith, the window man, picked me up.  Chatted for about twenty miles till he had to hop off the road.  Not long after, Wheeler Bond picked me up.  Old Apache Indian that had never moved out of the area.  He gave me a nice tour of the reservation as we drove thru.  Talked about the winding old dirt roads that were used in the early fifties.  Talked about the mountains, valleys, and places they have celebrations.  Was able to snag a picture before he dropped me off.  Walked a quarter mile and got picked up by two Apache Indians.  I hopped in, I could tell they had had a couple drinks.  After a mile or two, I found out they had more than just a couple.  Take in the effect it was only 9 am.  The guy maxed out the radio as we were driving.  The big heavy set guy kept yelling Apaches, we get all the bad rep and something else.  In the meantime, his lady friend liked my dreads and asked if she could touch them.  I knew it was a bad idea, but didn’t know what else to say.  Later on, she told me that people’s hair is very spiritual and should never be touched.  He got jealous of that and thought I was going to steal his girl.  That’s when I knew things could get messy…  Real fast.  Yet, I figured I’d keep my seatbelt off.  I didn’t want to make it noticeable, so I just went along with it.  After a couple miles, we had to make a pit stop on the side of the road to grab another 40.  I made a couple suggestions saying this is a great place to drop me off.  But he wasn’t having any of it.  He pulled back on the road and we continued eastward.  They wanted me to join in on the drinking, but I came up with some weak excuse.  I said, ” I don’t do any crazy shit till I get on trail man.”  A couple miles down the road he pulled off and wanted me to join in partying at a friend’s place.  Once again, I told him my excuse.  He turned back around and we kept rolling down the road.  They dropped me off after about twenty miles.  Started walking down the road and five minutes later, who do you think shows up.  Ha, they swung back around and wanted to give me a ride all the way to Safford and take me out to get some Mexican food.  I told him, “I didn’t need any food, but the ride would be awesome.”  He kept insisting, so I caved and we went out for brunch.  Finally, made it to Safford and stopped to grab food at La Palosa.  Small little restaurant off the main drag.  Stayed for about a half hour and they dropped me off on the highway 60.  The sun started to heat up and my next hitch took a couple hours.  A guy in the local mining town pick me up and drove me to the next intersection.  From here, I waited 4 hours to catch a ride to Three Forks.  Three Forks is out of the way, but I’m hoping it will be an easier hitch being it’s closer to the mining town.  Rob and Jessie picked me up and gave me a ride.  He was twenty and she was eighteen.  Politics was brought up somehow and created an interesting conversation.  Exchanged Instagram names and jumped out at the rickety gas station on the corner.  Charged up my phone and headed to Ranger Station.  Washed clothes and took a shower by the water fountain before cowboy camping under the stars.

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