Home Sick?               May 6, 2015

Home Sick? May 6, 2015

Woke up to thick frost covering my rain-fly.  Everything was so cold, I had to take breaks just to take town camp.  Baldor and Malkolm were long gone.  Finally, I caught up with Malkolm and chitchatted about food.  We both agreed that our mothers go out of their way to make sure they don’t put something we don’t like in certain meals.  Also, we agreed we would totally eat anything they’d make right now.  After the food talks, I had some nasty farts.  To me they smelt like my parents vacuum.  The vacuum usually gets a hot belt and smells up the whole house.  I didn’t want to crop dust the crew, so I let them get ahead of me, before they passed out.  One time we were post holing, Baldor was in front and Malkolm was in the middle.  We were post holing so slow, the wind took my crop dust forward and we almost all passed out from the wranchy smell.  I really had food on my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about moms cooking.  It just kept on making me hungrier.  After camping at 10,000+ feet, we made it over Selden Pass with ease.  The night before, we planned on getting to mile 882.  Since Baldor left so darn early, Malkolm thought he was going to try and get over Silver Pass as well.  I had tons of food cravings, I wanted to get to town as soon as possible.  I told myself “only short breaks the rest of the day.”  On the way up Silver Pass, I came upon beautiful massive waterfalls.  They stretched up to 100 feet wide, dousing gallons and gallons over the edge.  Silver Pass just kept going higher and higher.  I knew I would be in big trouble if I couldn’t find Baldor’s tracks.  I had no topo maps, no GPS, I had nothing.  Like usual, the trail was covered in snow.  Malkolm said he was going to try to get over Silver Pass.  I figured at worst, I could post up and wait till Malkolm caught up, that night or the next day.  I pushed onward, down the massive snow slopes.  Luckily, I was able to spot enough of Baldor’s tracks to set me off in the right direction.  About an hour later, I ran into him and we hiked together the rest of the night.  We were both super eager for town food and a bed to sleep in.  We kept a positive mind, hoping to make it into town by 11pm.  After being burnt out from a full day, a 2.5 mile climb smashed those dreams right out the door.   We knew we had no chance.  We night hiked a couple miles down some steep slopes, looking for a place to set up camp.  It was quite dangerous, my head lamp was not bright enough to show the path and the icy spots.  All in all, we had one ford, 2 pass’s, and accomplished 34 miles.


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