Hot and Dry June 6, 2015

Woke up early like usual nowadays.  Had so much food, I stayed and ate my tortilla chocolate peanut butter with a couple cups of hot chocolate.  Sheep Wagon and I chatted up till the rest the crew got back.  He briefly told me how he worked at hostels over in Europe.  He had tons and tons of tips.  Swapped some info and hit the trail.  It was a 30 mile dry stretch, but thankfully someone posted up 2 water caches.  Luckily, I counted on them and they still had water.  Hiked with Boa the whole day.  Had some lunch at one of the water caches.  Not long after starting up again, I felt a pain in my feet.  I kept walking till we made it to the fish hatchery.  People were fishing like crazy in the river.  Boa and I were both covered in filth, we had to jump in the river.  It wasn’t a problem till Boa jumped in naked.  This guy from across the river glanced over to see what was happening.  Turned out, Boa was just being one with nature.  The old guy made a ridiculous face and put on his sunglasses after he got disturbed by the situation.  HA, the old guy left not long after it all went down.  The other hilarious thing, I saw at the river was Boyfriend/Girlfriend or married couple.  I wasn’t sure.  Any who, the girl was fishing and she caught a massive trout.  The guy was extremely excited, but she showed nothing.  Ha, you could tell it wasn’t her idea to be out fishing.  Ended up on some beautiful soft green grass at the fish hatchery.


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