John Muir Pass             May 5, 2015

John Muir Pass May 5, 2015

Malkolm walked in and woke us up.  It was a chilly morning for a rock shelter, but at least there was no wind.  Felt REALLY really good just to be inside.  Walked outside and it was blazing hot out. Muir Pass has the longest snowfields, so we scampered over the snow racing the sun.  Boy oh boy, it was nice to get thru the snowfields with no post holing.  We took a killer break to enjoy some of the best scenery yet.  I sprawled out on a rock, trying to consume as much sun as possible.  We came upon some deep looking lakes high up and saw fish swimming.  Later on, the nice day turned to flurries and eventually turning into rain in lower elevations.  Since it was light rain, we pushed on to John Muir Ranch.  Sadly, Muir Ranch hadn’t opened yet for the season.  We scoped out the place and had lunch on one of the picnic tables.  The ranch had tons of cabins, a lounge, huge fire pit, and a really nice looking grill.  Definitely the place to be when the weather warms up.  Left not long after, to get close up to the pass, so we could hit it right in the morning.  The last couple miles at the end of the days in the High Sierras, could get long real fast.  But with looking forward to a fire, makes the rough part of the day not as bad, knowing it will be nice and toasty.  The soothing campfire was great to warm up and to enjoy each others company.


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