June 15, 2015
Lava Rocks

June 15, 2015

Made some mega miles into Crater Lake. We found none the less but Boa hanging out in the laundry room. was over. That idea eventually turned into staying overnight and hanging out. Hangout and got loaded back up on calories. Eventually, I ended posting up at the PCT camping section. A lady ranger was there hanging out with the thru-hikers. She was very nice, turned out she heard I shipped my sleeping bag home. She was super super nice and brought me blankets, so I could actually get some sleep. Obviously this blanket was bulkier and heavier than my sleeping bag. That didn’t matter as much as for now, sleep was the #1 thing on my mind. It just bothered me how BAD of a decision to send my sleeping bag home. It was around one and I figured it didn’t make sense to hop back on the trail till the hottest part of the day


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