Little Bear Canyon May 05, 2016

Early bird Michael woke me up again today.  Race told me about an alternate route to get down to the Gila River.  It takes the high route for a couple miles before dropping down Little Bear Canyon.  Boy oh boy, Little Bear Canyon was beautiful.  I followed a windy stream that went all the way down to the Gila River.  From there, it was nothing but endless fords again.  The scenery kept getting better. The pillars shot out the top of the cliffs.  I had a nice chill day hanging out with Michael again.  Figured some company was nice and knew I could burn another day with all the snow in Colorado.  With all the twists and turns on the canyon, not knowing what’s around the next bend was thrilling.  The day drew to an end with a perfect campsite.  Grassy flat spot, far from the river, with a nice for fire ring.  Off in the distance it started to thunder.  Not long after, I started assembling my tent.  Right when I finished, it started to rain.

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