LOST ! ! !     (April 5th, 2015)

LOST ! ! ! (April 5th, 2015)

Got out of the valley and made it to a wash.  Was a bit hard to stay on the sandy washed out trail.  Got lost and accidentally dropped my phone on a rock and cracked my screen.  Now I was completely lost and didn’t have a GPS device to point me back to the trail.  This morning couldn’t get any worse.  Climbed a ridge to try to see if I could spot the trail from above.  Nothing was to be found.  I was cutting it short on water and now I was lost.  I knew the stream was a ways back, so I headed back to fill up. In the distance I saw a human like structure filling up water.  Scrambled over to hopefully get some directions.  His name was Bipolar and he was also lost. Scoped out his GPS app and we both figured it was in a similar direction.  Chatted and made it back to the trail.  There we found Milkjug that already had caught up.  Was great to meet up with the people that you have been hearing alot of stories about.  Since I got lost and had a close pace, I followed Milkjug the rest of the day.


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