Lost with Little Water          April 14, 2015

Lost with Little Water April 14, 2015

Hit the trail with ease.  I was trying to have Kent Clark and Big Mile catch up.  To my surprise I found out from a south bounder, they already had passed me.  Picked up my pace, as I came to the endangered species closure.  Right before the closure, I missed my turn and kept heading north on the ridge.  I followed the ridge for four tough miles north.  The trail was normal size when I took it but gradually faded to a small trail after just two miles.  Since I sent my broken phone home, I had no GPS.  I was along ways off track, but I knew eventually I would run into the trail and the road if i headed south.  My water amount was also becoming an important situation.  So I went south into a canyon hoping to find water and hopefully run into the trail.  I could see on my old scurvy map the was a trail that might meet up with the PCT.  So I took it.  After about two hours of heading south I was able to find the trail and a creek with plenty of flowing water.  Drank tons of water, so I wouldn’t have to carry as much up and out of Copper Canyon.


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