Marathon Every State     August 20, 2015

Marathon Every State August 20, 2015

Got going on a foggy morning by 6 am.  Made good time, being there was no elevation.  Made it to a massive lake and walked 3/4 quarters around it.  Not long after, the second massive lake appeared.  I really didn’t think there was this many lakes in Maine.  Eventually, I started climbing up Bigelow Mountain.  By the time I got to the top, the day was coming to an end.  The peaks started creating its own weather system.  The partial views were still spectacular, but eventually I still had to get to Horn Lean-to.  After a 28 mile day, I finally made it.  The night set in fast, but I was still able to get everything done before dark.  When I was setting up a mouse ran across my feet.  It got me quite jumpy the rest the night.  I picked the lean-to because it is historical shelter that has never moved.  It was also a great place on map for the mileage.  Met an interesting character today at the shelter.  Can’t remember what his name was.  But he was set out on a mission to run a marathon in every state and every continent.  In six months he was headed to Antarctica on a cruise where runners take a cruise and run a marathon.

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