Mcaffes Knob November 10, 2015

Unfortunately, I woke up at a normal time even after a late night.  Threw my clothes on for the buffet breakfast.  I ate so much I could barely walk out the door.  As I was leaving, Huckleberry showed up for breakfast.  Chatted for a bit and then I hit the trail by 9 am.  With light rain the first hour actually wasn’t too shabby.  Earlier I was kinda bummed out, it was supposed to stay raining all day.  This day wouldn’t be an ordinary day, today I would hike up to Mcaffes Knob.  Supposedly the best view of Virginia and the most photographed rock on the trail.  No doubt it was the best picture of the state, but the Priest Mountain and the Three Ridges were just as memorable.  Mcaffes Knob is a ledge you sit out on and your feet dangle off the notorious rock.  Yeah it was pretty intense.  With every nerve in my body freaking out, I stood on one leg and had my other leg way over the edge.  Made it down to a busy road and hiked on a ridge all the way to Four Pines Hostel.  With needing to charge electronics, it couldn’t have worked out any better.  Four Pines Hostel is the real deal; I was able to talk to the owner Joe when he got back that night.  He was out helping his son skin a deer.  He walked in his full camo outfit.  Joe had a tall stature looking exactly like the Duck Dynasty guys.  Joe has had the hostel for sixteen years, he sets it up in his 3 stall garage.  The hostel had 8 cauts, 4 couches, 1 bed, oven, stove, fridge, and showers….you name it.  Great place to relax and hang out the rest of the night.  Joe started up the hostel in 2000 and everything had pretty much stayed the same.  Except for the endless additional knick knacks hikers drop off.  Tons of great history with thousands and thousands of hikers.  Jammed out to music on the blue tooth speakers till after midnight.  Caught up on my journal and got everything situated to the T for the next couple days.

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