Middle Fork Feather River May 31, 2015

Woke up at about 6ish.  Had a slow morning and got on the trail an hour late.  Had some moderate declines and inclines.  Was a pretty average day, until I started to drop into the valley.  About a mile from the bottom, I bumped into a solid 3 foot dark brown rattler.  He didn’t even rattle at all, until I started to try to push him off the trail.  It was a solid stand off, neither sides were backing down.  After 45 minutes of jousting, I was able to push him far enough off the trail to sneak by.  Seeing two rattlers in two days, hoping tomorrow brings me better odds.  I hit the North Fork Feather River.  I just needed some time to relax and recover from rattlers shaking me out of my shoes.  Got back on the trail, my legs felt like I was starting the day again.  I was taking tons and tons of breaks today.  Eventually, Baldor caught up when I was chatting with an older couple.  It was weird, it felt like I hadn’t seen him forever, but it was only one day.  Sped off to catch up with Impala to call it a night.


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