Mogote Ridge May 25, 2016

Had Double Magic wake me up, to keep hiking with him.  He really surprised me on his pace.  He hikes at a 2-2.5mph.  With him being the first one to complete the PCT, I thought he’d be faster.  Hiking at a slower pace helps out my knees and feet.  Neither of them get as tired.  We climbed out of a canyon to some great cliff views.  I didn’t expect to see green grass covering the mountain tops.  Also the rocks shot out of the ground in groupings by the trees.  Accidentally got lost and followed the road up to Mogote Ridge.  I thought about taking that way, but didn’t know if I would have enough water.  On the way up the ridge I saw a bobcat or a mountain lion.  I could only see her for ten seconds and she was about fifty feet away.  Turned out the ridge was an awesome detour to take.  Took a lunch break and didn’t see DM the rest of the day.  Tons of elevation today which got me all the way up over 10k feet.  Near the top, snow was melting from every direction.  My feet became frozen as night fell.  I quickly set up and swapped out the cold wet socks for some dry ones.  Took over an hour to thaw out my feet.  Once they warmed up, I was able to get some sleep.

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