More and More Food May 9, 2015

Woke up, had another three bowls of the best cereal in the world.  Followed the routine and had to lay back down to recover.  Made a whole loaf of french toast and ate them all.  Ate over a dozen and hung out around the TV.  Caught up on my sports and checked out the town with Malkolm.  Scoped out some new shoes, cause I didn’t know if my would hold up till Tuolumne Meadows.  No outfitter had my Altras in stock.  With new shoes in my next drop box, I thought some duct tape would get me by.  Found out my two packages I sent to Tuolumne, actually got sent to Yosemite Valley.  I guess the Tuolumne Meadows post office wasn’t opening for another two weeks.  With my packages being sent to the valley, I had to now hike 20 miles down to Yosemite Valley.  Didn’t mind shooting down to Yosemite Valley, knowing I would complete the John Muir Trail and be able to climb Half Dome.  After settling my schedule the next couple of days, I hit up Von’s to grab some powerade.  Noticed the library across the street.  Went in for a couple hours to catch up on my journalin.  Walked back to the hostel to get over my stomach ache.  Hung out and watched TV, while stocking the wood stove the rest the night.  Andy mentioned we needed a permit to climb Half Dome.  I was planning on just climbing it, but since the permit was so easy to get it made sense to just go in.


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