Natural Arch May 10, 2016

Woke up relatively early to catch an amazing breakfast at the Holiday Inn.  With some possible afternoon showers, Numbers and Jazzy wanted to get an early start.  I had some errands to run before heading out.  Left town around eleven.  I saw a massive dark cloud coming directly at me.  I figured I’d call Twigg and see if he wanted to take another day off.  He was already a couple miles ahead of me.  On the road walk out of Grant’s, I passed by a state pen.  Realized that’s why I passed by a sign that said, ”   Please don’t pick up hitchhikers.”  By now the deathlike clouds had me surrounded.  A quarter mile from me I saw a white streaks falling to the ground.  I thought it was going to pummel me with rain.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  Hail swept in so fast, I didn’t have rain gear on or a place to take shelter.  The hail stopped after I was able to get my rain gear.    The thunder and rain took its place.  Finished the road walk and headed up Mount Taylor.  Kept a solid pace to keep my body temp up.  After a couple miles the trail leveled out and the rain went away.  Caught some views looking back down at the town.  Clouds started rolling on so I posted up at the next spring.  Since rain was in the forecast all night, I figured I should try to fully set up my rain fly.  It wasn’t hard to set up at all.  For the first time in over a year and over 5,500 miles, I finally set my tent up correctly.  Yet it still didn’t keep the rain out.  I should of sealed the seams before hiking again this year and didn’t get to it.  Mostly leaked thru my zipper, which was where my head laid.  Wished my sister a Happy Birthday before passing out.

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