Nita’s Toaster House May 09, 2016

Woke up @ 5am to make it into PieTown.  The Toaster House was there, which is a hiker/biker hostel.  Getting there wouldn’t be the easiest. 26 miles to town with no water in between.  Took a couple breaks taking down my tent.  The poles were freezing my hands instantly.  Didn’t care much about the order, I just threw everything in my pack to start hiking.  Kept up my pace to keep up my body temp.  The morning stayed cool till I made it half way to town.  Took a nap and elevated my feet once I got to the road.  Limped into Top of the World store three miles before town.  Took my second break to relax the legs and to fill up water.  Bought some popcorn and chatted with the couple inside before continuing to Pie Town.  Was startled with all the people hanging outside the Toaster House.  After an hour of chaos, I became use to noise again in my life.  There was about 28 of us including the Warrior Expeditions.  Found out, Pie Town had was having a dinner for the vets and the hikers were welcome.  Ate a pound of food.  Went back to the house, had a couple beers and hung out the rest of the night.

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