November 12, 2015

Getting back in the zone.  No need for an alarm clock.  Bright and early, such a beautiful morning watching the sunrise while walking the ridge-line.  Got in the groove fairly early making the first ten miles a breeze.  After that I had a huge decline down to the valley.  The trail was partially washed out with a nasty slippery steep drop off coming down Rocky Gap.  The last climb of the day was a nice slow steady climb 500 ft gain every mile for 4 miles.  Rough trail up on top with the rocks as well.  With being later in the season seeing the rocks is nearly impossible with all the leaves covering lose rocks.  The worst is when you step on the side of a loose rock and it smashes into your ankle.  Maybe it’s me getting older, but I think it’s the constant beat down I put on my body everyday with no time to recovery.  Got to the shelter to find Soynuts and Cheeseburgular.  Couple other people were relaxing and making grub.

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