October 25, 2015

Hit the trail bright and early.  The morning was a bit chilly.  Made it to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, where I filled up water and warmed up under the dryer.  Went to the AT Historical House.  Hung out and had lunch out in front.  The lady at the front desk came out and chatted.  Drew up the Christmas drawing.  Once my food cooled, I smashed my food and hit the trail to Quarry Gap Shelter.  I was pretty sure some night hiking would be involved.  I made it to the first shelter after the first couple of days.  I swung into the shelter like usual, to check out the shelter and sign and read the log.  Someone had awesome trail magic that left apples and carrots.  I hit the half way point of the trail.  Had to stop and take a couple pictures.  Crazy to believe I made it 1,090 miles on the Appalachian Trail.  Climbed up to a ridge and had a leisure hike the rest of the day.  Eventually, I made it to the bombass shelter.  They even had potted plants hanging.  Also had two shelter to sleep in with a picnic table in the middle.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go back to this shelter.

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