Old Hachita Mines April 27, 2016

Possibly one of the latest starts to the mornings ever.  Well, it was not too shabby it was around 8 a.m.  Today would be the biggest elevation day yet.  Dropped down quite a bit, before climbing out if the miniature canyon.  Made it up to the pass and saw a massive rock off in the distance.  It wasn’t on trail, but we decided to have nice break there.  Has a nice ten-fifteen minute break before getting back to business.  Got off the rugged rocks and got back on trail.  Went over the old train tracks that went thru Hachita before having a lunch break at the water cache.  It was blazing hot out, so I hid behind the only place that had shade.  That would be behind the kiosk with the sections trail map on em.  Replenished my body and headed back out.  Nothing but dry dusty dear floor today.  Off in the distance, dist devil’s were blowing every direction.  Thankfully, we haven’t been hit by those yet.  I’ve heard they are brutal beat down.  All you can do is just get as low as possible and cover up.  One of the guys that have me a ride to Lordsburg told me that he got hit with one.  All he could do was stop riding his bike and cover up.  He said there was needles such in the back of his head and arms.  Hopefully, I won’t have to experience that.  Passed by allot of desert casualty’s.  Some rodents, but allot of dead cows and bones.  Filled up water one more time for the dayand went about three more miles.  Ran into the first horse on trail, it was tame enough to pet.  Caught a beautiful sunset over the mountains.  The pinks, purples, blues, and yellows made the day come to a perfect end.

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