Old Station                  June 5, 2015
Long Story :)

Old Station June 5, 2015

Woke up before my alarm went off, which was 5 am.  Everyone was still sleeping.  It was like I never camped there.  It was perfect; it was bright enough without a headlamp and super cool out.  On the climb up after a half mile, I ran into two deer and a fawn.  The adults booked it out of there and I saw where the fawn dropped to the ground.  Tempted to pet it, I walked over to the fawn.  When I came up to it, I couldn’t even see it breathing.  It’s amazing how still fawns can be.  I just got a picture and hopped back on trail.  The whole day I walked miles and miles.  Constantly, walking around and over massive blown over trees.  I made it 23 miles by 2pm. into Old Station.  Scooped up my food box and hung out for a couple hours.  Not long after it started raining again, it was very unpredictable.  Eventually, it stopped and the rest of the crew showed up.  Boa, Sheep Wagon, Cougar, Toast, Lady Hawk, and Paparazzi.  We all hung out for a bit and tried coconut oil with some ice-cream.  It was quite weird at first, but turned out amazing.  Everyone was headed for breakfast at JJ’s Cafe.  I figured I might as well do the same and meet some new peeps.  Set up camp by the gas station with the crew and passed out.


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