Peter Grub Cabin May 28, 2015

By the time I got motivated enough to start getting ready, Impala had already passed by.  Walked down to a creek to wash my caked in sweaty salty shirt and socks.  Kept hiking higher and higher until I made it to the Tahoe Rim Trail.  The vista overlooked five lakes.  Came to yet another ski resort.  Met a large group rock climbing, with a tent set up by the road.  The scorching sun was sucking all the energy out of me.  Made it to I-80, which had a rest stop.  Baldor and I decided it was worth checking for vending machines.  Walked a quarter mile off trail to check it out.  The rest stop was super nice and clean, but it didn’t have any vending machines.  Plopped down on the cement, felt good just to get out of the sun.  Made a solid lunch, 2 Ramen and had’em with cheese its.  After rejuvenating, I hammered out a couple miles to make it to Peter Grub Cabin.  It is a cabin for hikers and skiers to crash for the night or hang out.  The loft was for sleeping.  The downstairs had a woodstove, 2 picnic tables and tons of food in the cabinets.  As we were about to leave a group of 3 walked in.  They were just doing one over night and offered us beers.  So we cracked one open and hung out.  Found out one of the girls hiked the PCT and AT.  Eventually it was time to move on with wanting to go 6 more miles.


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