Prep ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! February 13, 2016

Preppin is the most important thing for hiking trails.  To make sure you have all the right gear.  To have all your drop boxes set up.  To have everything completely in order before you hit the trail. Yes, I have learned from the PCT and AT last year.  I prepared you can say TOOO MUCH, but the pros beat out the cons every single time.  I like having everything prepared, cause I like to spend minimal time in towns.  Yes, I miss alot of town cultures, but I am not out there for that.  Back to preppin, I had all my drop boxes set up and ready to send for the trails.  One of the downfalls, if you start hiking together with someone, you won’t have the same resupply towns.  The pros still win every time.   You can just call the post office and have them bounce your box to your next resupply town.

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