Previous 2 weeks May 25, 2015

Unfortunate events for my camera, it ran out of battery a week before town.  I was able to grab a couple pictures off my cell phone though.  We kept putting good chunks of mileage together each day.  The snow was still very present on trail.  Of course that came with wet soggy shoes after five minutes of hiking in the mornings.  Also had about 6 fords to walk thru. My shoes were so doused with water, that I would just walk right thru.  A couple times water got just below my hips, but the currents weren’t strong at all.  Went over Bond Pass, Kinney Lake Pass, Echo Summit, and Carson Pass.  Malkolm started getting shin splints one day out of Echo Lake.  Baldor and I the hit town early and broke out the Taco Bell and ice-cream.  Malkolm got into town just before my sister and brother in law showed up.  My sister and brother in law worked a business trip into meeting up with me on trail.  We hung out for five days and relaxed.  The first day we went up to Reno and Sparks for two days.  Then we went to Sacramento for another two days and finished off the last day in South Lake Tahoe.  Oh and yes all the hotels had hot tubs.   For the last two weeks I thought about hot tubs and buffets.


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