Priest Mountain Shelter November 06, 2015

First person to wake up out of Priest Mountain Shelter.  With a windy foggy morning the views were minimal.  After a couple miles, the surrounding air smelt like garlic bread. I had a huge breakfast, so I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime.  With the roller coaster day ahead, I knew I had to stay on track. 32 miles to Punchbowl Shelter is no joke.  At 18 miles, I hit Cole Mtn, the heavy fog turned into mist.  I hit the 20-mile marker at 1pm, which was at Hwy 60.  Made some calls to try to figure out my Deer Tick bite.  The bite hadn’t gotten any bigger or more red.  Still had 12 miles to go, so I couldn’t chat too long.  After Hwy 60, I dropped down into a valley where the freed black slaves started growing crops back in the 1920’s.  Eventually the rest of the night turned into a decent incline to Punchbowl Shelter.  Thankfully, the stream was running so I could cook up some grub.  Feel way way more tired than I should be.

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