Pushing the Limits April 18, 2015

There was a small creek at Upper Shake Campground with tons of green algae.  It didn’t look very appetizing.  I had just 12 ounces of water to go 15 miles.  I knew I was pushing it, so I hit the trail as quickly in the morning as possible.  About two hours into the day, the sun was up and scorching hot.  I didn’t want to eat anything, cause I knew it would take water as well.  Just an all around bad idea, but now I know how far I can push it if I need too.  When ever I started becoming sluggish, I kept saying to myself ” Efficient, Efficiency.”  I believe it helped out alot.  Knew I was going to be in trouble if there was no water at Horse Camp Spring.  Luckily the water report was correct and it was still flowing. Drank at least two liters straight.   Kind of washed my clothes in the half inch flowing spring.  Filled up my water bottles and got four more liters for Magie, Magoo, and Haiku.  When I was letting my clothes dry Jim and Lydia Johnson also hiked up.  Talked to them for a bit.  They had questions about the PCT and also about the Catholic Heart Work Camp program.  They were super nice and gave me a ton of almonds and granola bars.  After two or three hours Magoo and Magie showed up.  I had to put in another 14ish miles before then end of the day.  Came to the Los Angeles Aqueduct and followed that for a couple miles.  Was quite odd to see a massive river running in a canal in the desert.


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