Rain Go Away                   June 8, 2015

Rain Go Away June 8, 2015

Didn’t get very much sleep.  Staggered my way back to the trail.  It was quite warm in the morning and only getting hotter.  Came to a long hot open ridge, where you could see the trail drag on in the baking sun.  No shade in sight.  Eventually, I made it to the top where the trail flopped to the north side of the mountain.  The shade was much more relaxing.  With not getting any sleep the night before, I was drained.  I laid down for about fifteen minutes.  I woke up to the noise of thunder shooting back and forth between mountains.  The lightning bolts were beautiful to see racing across the sky.  Ended up down pouring on me the rest of the day.  Dropped down to McCloud River, which there was a nice place to set up.  Figuring the foliage tomorrow morning would be just as bad, I kept going…  About four miles up, I ran into my first black bear.  I was about 25 feet away from the bear and he still didn’t notice I was around.  I slowly backed up and said, “Bear Bear.”  I was by a creek so he still didn’t hear me.  I said it again a little louder.  He glanced over and ran about fifteen feet behind a bush.  He was sticking his head under the brush to watch where I was.  I ducked my head down and said it one last time.  He jumped up and booked it out of there.  It was funny seeing a bear try to hide behind some small brush.  Accomplished a couple more miles in the rain before finding a decent spot to post up my shelter.


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