Rainy Rainy Rain November 29, 2015

With mice constantly scratching all night, a deep sleep was impossible.  Even with being on the Appalachian Trail this long, YES mice still keep me awake.  Those curious buggers are definitely crawling on me all night, which doesn’t help me sleep very well.  I know, because there would be mouse turds on my sleeping bag.  I woke up multiple times last night, screaming and yelling while pounding on the shelter to get the mice to shut up.  That would only get them to stop for a half a minute tops.  Sleep was short lived.  Today I am shooting for Hot Springs.  With 41 miles into town, this will be the biggest day for me on the Appalachian Trail.  With rain during the night, the grass was nice and soggy to walk thru.  A foggy morning didn’t help with keeping my feet dry either.   Passed some pretty steep rivers in the morning.  That was a bummer cause the White Rock Cliffs were extremely scenic.  I was way up high on a ridge, all the trees were stunted midget trees.  When I got off the ridge it started to down pour and there was no chance it would stop the rest of the day.  It started getting dark out.  The only light I had was from my cell phone.  With the screen getting wet, it would freak out and turn the light off.  This was a constant struggle the rest the night till I got to town.  The last leg of the day ended with coming down from Lovers Leap.  Slowly but surely I made it down into town.  With my pace slowing down with low light and hiking in the dark, my temp dropped.  Came to town not exactly sure what I was going to do.  Went into the laundry mat to wash and dry my clothes.  Hit up the Dollar Store and posted up for the night.

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