Rangely     August 22

Rangely August 22

Was the first one out of camp.  Got going at 6:30.  I had some solid miles to do to make up from sleezy yesterday.  It was a nice foggy morning that cleared up into a sunny day.  A mile out of camp, I ran into a moose just hanging out and eating.  I kept swapping out my socks whenever they dried, because it was impossible to dodge the mud holes.  Had an amazing view at Saddleback MTN.  After that I kept contemplating if I had enough food.  I’m almost positive I did, but running into Rangely sounded toooo good.  I figured I would try to hitch into town for only one minute.  If I got a ride awesome, if not NBD, I would enjoy Gorham NH even more.   Within fifteen seconds a car came around the corner and picked me up.  He was a really nice older big border patrol guy.  Got all the way to the IGA.  Picked up chocolate milk, frosted flakes, and cookies.  I didn’t want any extra garbage on me, so I sat outside and ate the whole box of cereal.  Went back to the trail to complete my 25 mile day.  I made it all the way to Sabbath Lean-to.  It was dark by the time I showed up.  Set up quickly and passed out.

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