Rattlers    (March 30, 2015)

Rattlers (March 30, 2015)

Woke up to my alarm clock blaring odd noises.  I still haven’t conquered my old habits.  The snooze button is just too easy to hit.  Changed back into my soaked up salty sweaty clothes, put on my shes and looked for the scorpion before opening the tent.  Threw the tent back in and dashed down the trail.  Followed a mountain ridge all the way down to the water source.  Almost 100 feet before the source, I scared a massive rattlesnake.  I screamed and jumped eight feet, although eight inches might be a closer estimate.  Instantly the rattler coiled up to the striking position.  It was amazing how the animal stayed coiled up high in the air and sideways off the trail.  He was hissing so loud it was quite frightening. Let my pulse slow down for a minute and continued to the water source.  Washed all my filthy clothes.  That is quite a good feeling putting on clean clothes.  Hiked down to scissors crossing and met up with O.J. and Chuckwalla.  They were all set up to camp, hung out for a while and kept moving.  Even though it was pitch dark there was a massive ridge that I would have to hike the next day that would make me be in the sun all day long, so I night hiked 2 miles up.  Set up camp in a wash and passed out.


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