Roan Mountain November 21, 2015

Woke up to being super sore.  Had another cup of tea and enjoyed the morning.  Once it was light enough to not wear my headlamp, I hit the trail.  Hard frost on the ground made the grass crunch.  Nothing but uphill the first three miles and then a nice gradual decline for pretty much the rest of the day.  It was amazing how high the mountains have been feeling like they are stretching to the sky.  Tons and tons of Rhododendrons smothered the trail.  Making it into the green tunnel and feeling like a jungle adventure.  My stomach hurt pretty much all day, which slowed my pace down.  Hoping it would go away.  It was like that moment when you are going to be sick, but it hasn’t hit yet.  Finished the day partially climbing Roan Mtn.  Didn’t get to the top and thankful for that.  It was supposed to be in the 20’s in town.  I called it a night at Doll Flats.  As I showed up to camp, tons and tons of people were camping.  Turns out the boy scouts took a trip up and over Roan Mtn.  Threw on all my layers and hung out the rest of the night.  30 miles tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad.

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