Rough Day                          May 7, 2015

Rough Day May 7, 2015

Woke up at 4 am in freezing cold temps. Baldor and I were ready to smash it out to get to town.  Didn’t even pack my tent, I just threw it all in my pack.  Town seemed so close, but we were far far away.  I noticed millions and millions of small pebbled fertilizer spread out in the burn section.  We made it to Reds Meadow to find out the perfectly paved road was out of service.  Finally, the first time we got service on our cell phones in 2 weeks.  We called three taxi service from town, but they couldn’t get thru the locked gate at the top. Supposedly there was road construction.  That meant we had to get off trail and road walk.  Mammoth Lakes was in the valley on the other side, so we had to hike up to the pass before catching a ride.  It was brutal, once again we thought we were so close, but were so far far away.  Finally a pick-up truck drove by.  I asked them for a lift to the top, but they were too busy.  We were brutally beet down exhausted.  Taking breaks in the last mile sums up the exhaustion level.  Hopped on the ski lodge bus to make it into town.  Hit up Von’s Supermarket and bought a full shopping cart of food.  Started eating a quart and a half of Reese’s Icecream, while waiting for the hostel guy Andy to pick us up.  This hostel had everything you needed.  It had a massive kitchen and lounge area with a wood stove in the middle.  Broke out the Cinnamon Toast Crunch upon arriving.  Baldor and I ate soooooo much we had to lie down.  We got into Mammoth Lakes just in time.  Less than an hour, the snow started to come down in sheets.  It felt nice to safe inside surrounded by heat.


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