Seaid Valley                   June 11, 2015

Seaid Valley June 11, 2015

Made it to Seaid Valley in the morning to have breakfast with Baldor and More Cowbell.  This restaurant had a 5lb pancake eating competition.  I was thinking about it, until I saw how big it was.  More Cowbell and I were quite entertained watching Baldor attempt the eating challenge.  Baldor was only able to eat 1.5 pancakes. So I…  Being quite smart waited for Baldor to give up and ate a 1lb pancake.  Just one and I was completely stuffed.  We were so plump; we had to lay down and relax to let the food settle.  After an hour, I got up and figured out how much food I needed to buy to make it to Crater Lake.  Devoured a milkshake and headed off to the trail.  The heat was brutal; I stopped at Fern Springs to cool down.  I became overheated so fast, I had to take breaks every twenty feet.  I also knew I was getting heat exhaustion, because I was starting to get a headache.  I laid down, soaked my bandanna in the spring, and put it on my neck and face.  After an hour my headache went away and I was able to continue.  The trail kept gaining mad elevation, but the views kept getting better and better.  It felt like a good trade off.  Just before I was about to set up, I ran into 2 girls hanging food a quarter mile from where they were going to set up camp.  Set up camp with them and chatted till it got late.  Tonight was going to be a little different of a night.  The main reason because I sent my sleeping bag home.  I thought it was a good idea after waking up multiple times sweating the previous couple nights.  Found out it was a big mistake, I was shivering all night.


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