Sheriffs pursuit on foot.       April 9th, 2015
Nude cowboy running after his horse.

Sheriffs pursuit on foot. April 9th, 2015

Woke up to a bitter cold morning.  My hands froze instantly, so I had to warm them up a couple times just to take down camp.  Broke camp with plenty of water, so I could keep my spots limited.  I was still walking thru massive boulder formations till I came upon Deep Creek.  Even being in a four year drought the Deep Creek was flowing well.  Came to three massive bridges that stretched a long ways across the river.  I heard about these hot springs being quite the popular place.  It was indeed, it looked like people would come out here for weeks on time and just hang out on this sandy beach all day.  I had been hiking awhile and it was such an interesting place I figured I needed a break.  As I was sitting on a rock eating cheese-its, I noticed a helicopter at a far mountain.  It looked like he was trying to land right on top.  Then I saw a tiny red dot running down the mountain followed by a black dot.  As it got closer with the helicopter, I could tell it was a police officer.  Finally, I could see this gangster type looking guy was on the run.  The cop looked like he had quite a few donuts, he was getting left in the dust.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I’m in the middle of the desert and this is all unfolding before my eyes.  The gangster gets to the creek well before the cop and jacks the nude cowboys horse.  He clearly didn’t know how to ride a horse.  He crossed the creek and started coming up the trail where I was.  I was about 100 feet away and I didn’t know if this guy was armed and dangerous.  I threw everything in my pack and zipped all the zippers and started booking it up the mountain.  The gangster dude kept gaining on me.  The sheriff was trying to yell something across the canyon to me but I clearly couldn’t hear nothing with a helicopter hovering over head.  It was a straight drop off on one side of me and I didn’t know if this guy was coming to take me hostage or what.  Finally, got to the gap and I turned around and the guy was like fifty feet from me.  Luckily he wasn’t coming for me and he went to the top of the mountain.  A few minutes later another guy that was trying to help me came around the corner.  A minute after the sheriff, then finally the cowboy that got his horse jacked.  By this time the gangster on horse was being followed only by the helicopter.  The sheriff ran over to me and asked if he could have some water.  I don’t know what physical training and tests they have to pass, but this sheriff could barely breathe.  I wasn’t that winded when I made it to the gap and I was carrying a 35lb pack.  About ten miles later, when I got to the other side of the mountain, I saw about 7 cop cars and a horse trailer coming up the road.  Quite the interesting day for being out in the middle of the desert.  I found out the next day, the cops beat the crap out of the guy.  It was all over the news, it was the hot topic in the whole country.  Heard there was an immediate investigation and the cops were put on paid leave.  You can clearly see from the helicopter, the guy gave up, and laid on the ground.  Then ten police officers kept kicking the dude in the head.  It was so uncalled for.


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