Sierra City     Aug 26, 2017
Solid town day to resupply. CRUSHED a 1lb burger

Sierra City Aug 26, 2017

1193 -1203 mile

Easy 3 miles into Sierra City.  Hung out and talked to Corona and a dude hiker(forgot his name)behind the church camping area.  Didn’t know if I was going to see any hikers in town, it’s getting late in the season for nobos.  The Sobos haven’t made it quite this far south yet.  

Foundout my cousins from Australia are hanging out in Portland.  Possibly going to meet up and hike a couple days with them in northern California.  Eventually the store opened up, snatched my packages and ran back to the church.  Trying to make this town stop as short as possible.  Shower came along with clean clothes.  Cold shower, but it’s the first one since I’ve been back on trail.  Felt AMAZING!!! The locks were getting quite dirty.

 Got my new Bomb pack and tarp from ZPACKS.  Super excited to lighten up my weight, get a better fitting pack, and learn new skills with the tarp.  Swung in and sent my pack, tent, and extra junk home just before the post office closed.

 Slowly accomplishing things it was finally time to resupply… They say don’t go to the grocery store hungry, so I cashed in on the 1 Pound Burger.  Feel like you always gotta grab the 1lb burger, you don’t see that very often.  Smashed the whole burger and half the fries with a couple Dr. Peppers.  Cravings Crushed ! ! ! Pricey country store, but they go wayyyyy outta their way.  Chatted with the only 2 hikers in town before hitching a ride back to the trail.  Came across another late seasoned nobo.  Jesse was his name, he was taking a break at the top after the massive climb outta town.  He’s a web designer/developer from Canada.  It was fun running thru the whole hiker talk.  Gear, places to go, ideas, bike touring, people met, ect…

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