Sierra City May 29, 2015

Had 26ish miles to Sierra City.  Was feeling town already, so I kept a solid pace all day.  Most of the day was down hill, which kept me going.  Made it to town by 3:30, pretty sore, but a solid day.  The small grocery store was a bit pricy, but it had everything I wanted.  My food cravings were going thru the roof after hearing about the 1 pound burger.  I couldn’t resist.  It felt like I was in a food coma after devouring half of a cow, chocolate milk, and a milkshake.  It hurt to move, so I just laid on the bench outside for a half hour.  After letting my food settle, I knew I wasn’t making it out of town.  So I hit the showers, washed my clothes, and set up the tent for the night.  Hung out with the crew, Impala, Boa, and Baldor the rest of the night.


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