Slack packin :)      October 22, 2015
Up over barb wired fences.

Slack packin :) October 22, 2015

Got going at a decent time to make it all the way to Route 325.  Nate offered to slack pack me AGAIN…  I couldn’t resist.  My knees and ankles were ridiculously tired from the first day back on trail.  I really needed it and without all Nates slack packing it would of been rough.   I set off at 501 nothing but downhill with a light pack, it was quite nice.  The brush was low and lush.  Came upon a nice campground, it had tent spots and a sweet spring nearby.  The water was in between two full grown trees.  Never saw anything like it before, it was truly memorable.  Met up with Deja later on that night and talked for a little bit.  I walked passed her a couple hundred miles earlier as she was breaking down camp one morning.  F-16s flew overhead like crazy.   I didn’t know if WW3 was going on.  Found out later that night there was a base not to far away.  Nate cooked up supper and we hung out the rest of the night.  Luckily, there was Thursday night football.  Getting back on trail couldn’t off been any easier.  All thanks to Chips and Nate.  Thanks to Nate and his family for being such wonderful people.

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