Smokeys December 01, 2015

Slept like a rock and didn’t want to leave one bit.  Washed clothes and dried them before heading out.  That made for a late start, but 8 o’clock wasn’t too shabby with everything I accomplished for a morning.  Too bad I did get an earlier start because it really effected the rest of the day.  By the time I left it started misting again.  Lucky Me.  I made my ascent to the Smokeys.  On the way up it was nothing but walking in the stream.  There had been so much water the last couple of days, the trail was a constant stream.  The rain made the views minimal again, but the Smokeys were still beautiful.  Made it to the top and it was nothing but smooth sailing from there.  Still was able to make it 31 miles to Ice Springs Shelter.  No sign of anyone in the Smokeys.  I wouldn’t blame em, it was quite rough walking in a stream all day.  Gathered some water at camp and made food.  As I was eating, a mouse jumped up on my food bag and started knowing at the plastic to get to the food.  I was irate, this happened while I was sitting just a foot away.  I was prepared for when came back a second time.  I grabbed my shoe and toasted him.  I was still freezing my butt off, I huddled in my sleeping bag till I warmed up.  Hopped out of my sleeping bag to smash out the chores before passing out.

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