Snow it begins     May 26, 2016
San Juans

Snow it begins May 26, 2016

Had a slow morning, hung out a little tooo late last night.  Eventually got everything packed up and walked to the far side of town to hitch out.  Called mom to update her on the San Juan’s situation.  Planning on swapping out some gear in Pagosa Springs and getting more clothes sent out.  Hitched a ride with a guy that just completed the AT Sobo.  Solid eight months on the trail for the guy.  Got dropped off at the trailhead and anxiously head out to catch up to DM.  Had a nice climb back to the top.  Passed by the biggest waterfall yet.  My feet got soaked instantly.  Caught up with a crew of ten people and took a break with em.  Continued on and started post holing bad.  Found the trail and kept climbing to over 12k feet.  I walked over the ridge and caught the real San Juan’s off in the distance.  It was unbelievably beautiful.  Massive snow topped mountains off in the distance completely surrounding me.  Had a couple fun glisades down steep slopes.  Post holing kept getting worse and shattered my pace to nothing.  It was killer tiring and smashed up my shins pretty bad.  My left knee was bleeding and turned purple from how cold I got.

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