…still hitchin and meeting interesting people April 24, 2016

Day 3.         Loving the morning, slight breeze and the sun’s out by 530 am.  Packed my things in attempt to hitch to Duncan.  Less then an hour, Chris stopped and picked me up.  Maintenance for all the massive shovels and equipment at the mine.  Talked about getting lost while he was deer hunting and was wondering about my maps and keeping my phone charged.  Twenty miles flew by and he dropped me off at the far side of Duncan.  Hung out and posted up for a couple hours.  A rancher was moving his cattle to the another pasture to irrigate.  I didn’t see any sprinklers, so I figured he just floods.  He mentioned he irrigates about every three weeks.  He has to get back to business and so did I.  Threw rocks for four hours to get my accuracy back up to par.  Jeep man Dan swung over and picked me up.  He had a fading multi colored Jeep.  He was only going to Franklin a small town 5 miles away, but once he found out I was from Minnesota he drove me all the way to Lordsburg.   Got to love that Minnesota nice.  I found out he grew up in Wheaton and also lived in Wahpeton Minnesota for a while.  He dropped me off at the Flying J truck stop.  Got a nice picture of him and his Jeep before he left.  Forgot I didn’t have much food left from the plane ride and hitch hiking.  Being a Sunday, this was the only place I could get food.  Found out you can buy full pizzas, so I bought two to get me thru five days.  Ate as much as I could before packing everything up.  Scurried out to the ramp to catch a ride to highway 146. (25 mile hitch East)  Hung out on the ramp till Rob picked me up in his semi.  He was hauling expensive cars out to Atlanta and figured he had extra time to help a brotha out.  Before the semi stopped, I ran over to the passenger side and jumped in.   First thing he asked was if I just got out of jail.  I said, ” No brotha, I’m going to hike the Continental Divide Trail. ”  I was curious about his occupation and it was great hearing about his life. Day 3 part 2.  He dropped me of at highway 146.  I hopped out and he honked me good luck I assume.  From here, there is nothing but twenty miles of desert all the way to Hachita.  I had enough water to make sure I could hike to Hachita and hopefully fill up water to hike to the southern terminus from there, or catch a ride twenty miles south to where the trail meets the paved road.  After a half hour of hiking a border patrol pulled over and picked me up.  Luckily he gave me a ride all the way to Hachita.  Caught a picture with the border patrol after he dropped me off at the town hall.  There was a rancher truck outside, so I knocked on the door a couple times till Judy came out.  I asked her if she could give me a ride to the trail?  She says no, but a guy in town definitely could.  She drove me over to Jeff’s and he was willing to put me up for the night.  He called in and got me on the next shuttle, thankfully cause I was getting a little tired of hitchhiking.  They made me eggs and tuna sandwiches for starting the trail.  Called it a full day before it got too late out.

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