Tehachapi April 20, 2015

Had only six miles to the freeway 58 to Tehachapi.  Not to much elevation gain or loss, so it went by like a breeze.  Had a tough time getting a ride to town, since cars were flying by.  After hanging out for an hour a nice guy pulled over.  He told me about his born again experience.  He was a nice guy he went all the way into town and dropped me off at Albertsons.  Bought enough supplies to make it to Kennedy Meadows.  Saw the Taco Bell across the street and had to get a Meal Deal 4.  Ate the bean and beef burrito in seconds.  Hung out and caught up on my journal for a couple hours.   Figured I wasn’t full enough, so I bought a Little Caesars pizza, ate half of it and a bag of Cheetos.  When I was sitting outside Albertsons, the cashier lady that checked me out early came out and chatted for a bit on her smoke break.  Went over to check out Big 5 Sports store.  As I walked up a national guard dude asked if i needed a ride.  He went in bought some ammo and dropped me off at the airport.  Thankfully he didn’t leave, cause I needed to call a number to get a code for the lounge and the showers.  Hand washed my clothes in the sink and took my first shower since Wrightwood.  Met a nice worker at the airport.  As he walked in he didn’t look happy about my clothes drying outside, but after talking for ten minutes, I think he didn’t care as much.  Sat in a super comfy recliner the rest of the night and watched Seinfeld.


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