The Grind April 15, 2015

Got up early to put in a solid to of work.  Made it two miles till I ran into Ironman’s water cache.  It’s nice to take a break and put something funny in the log books.  Peoples humor gets quite interesting after being on the trail for so long.  Made it to Mills Creek Fire Station pretty early.  Filled up my water bladder and got back out there.  Today I went thru so much Poodle Dog Bush my mind was starting to itch.  But so far I think I’ve survived with coming into contact with it.  Went over Gleason Mountain and headed to North Fork. My feet were getting tired which shot excruciating pain every time I stepped on the peak of a rock.  Also today I felt my achilles tendon pop or crack.  Just the same as like your knees or your fingers crack, except with your achilles tendon instead.  It didn’t really hurt that bad, I was just more surprised, I didn’t know it could do something like that.  Thankfully, I didn’t get lost today and made it to the North Fork Ranger Station.  There was one positioned up there year round.  He came out and visited and told me that only 5-10% of people actually are affected by Poodle Dog Bush.  He had a water cache set up and let me know of the best place to camp.


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