The Race           April 10, 2015

The Race April 10, 2015

Woke up perfect time to see the sunrise as I hiked around one of the few lakes in the desert portion.  It was beautiful watching the sun come up.  Some lady trail runners scurried past me.  About five miles later “Clark” caught up to me.  He was also 23 going to school in New Orleans.  Had quite the similar pace, so we hiked all the way to Cajon Pass and had Mcdonalds.  Might keep hiking with them if I see them again. Since “The Race” was to get to the post office Saturday before 11 am.  I knew I had to keep moving.  It was a super dry stretch, so I left Mcdonalds with four liters of water and a liter of Dr. Pepper.  Met up with section hiker Rick at Mcdonalds and hiked with him the rest of the day. Rick was a German, had a family, and a full time job. So he comes to the trail three weekends a year.  We were both extremely tired, Rick did about 45 miles on all night hiking and I did 40 ish.  By this time it was dark and wasn’t the greatest idea to keep hiking but we did.  There is a bush called Poodle Dog Bush.  It is similar to poison oak and ivy.  It can take you off the trail for more than a week if you react to it.  But we hiked in the dark for an hour till we found a nice campsite about ten miles from Wrightwood.


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