The Ride April 21,2015

Thought it rained last night butt found out it was just the sprinklers going off.  I was too tired and exhausted to tell the difference.  Went into the lounge to see if the weather forecast had changed at all.  It was still 80% chance, I figured if it was going to rain on me camping at the airport, I might as well be on the trail.  Got the updated water report and left for the trail.  Luckily, I was able to hitch 2 miles back to the freeway.  Within no time, I got picked up for my 12 mile hitch back to the trail.  The Crazy thing is the guy that gave me a ride all the way into town yesterday, had no clue where Albertsons was located.  So he called his friend in Tehachapi.  The second guy I got a hitch with to take me back to the trail, was the guy on the phone giving directions to Albertsons yesterday.  What are the chances of that, with Tehachapi being pretty big town.  I had a full pack of food till Kennedy Meadows and I had to also carry 35 miles worth of water.  This is one of the driest sections of the trail.  Got about thirteen miles in before it started snowing.  Although the snow melted right when it hit the ground it made me a little nervous.  Read more in the New Testament and ate Cheetos and Fritos till my craving were filled.  After eating wayyyy too much, I felt sick the rest of the night.


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