Time to enjoy               April 27, 2015
Hilton hotel for 2 nights

Time to enjoy April 27, 2015

Paul got up early.  He showed me all the perks of the general store before the owner showed up.  Today was for taking care of my feet, getting a shower, doing laundry, getting my food drops, getting bear canister, replenishing my stored fat reserves, and most importantly enjoying the day.  My feet needed a nice thorough washing.  I was starting to get a blood blister on both my middle toes.  I wasn’t too worried, they just needed to be taken care of.  It was great to get 2 food boxes.  The store owner Scott asked my how far I was planning on going.  I told him, “I’m going all the way to Tuolumne Meadows.”  He couldn’t believe it.  He said, “I’ve never heard of anyone in 25 years trying to make it there.”  I told him, “Yup and I’m bringing an extra day of food to climb Mount Whitney on my day off.”  Now alot of people resupply after 90 miles.  I am planning to go 240 miles and a 17 mile round trip to summit the tallest mountain in the 48 states.  I knew my pack was going to be bloody heavy, but I was trying to stay out of town as much as possible.  I also received my phone, so now I could see if I was still going the right direction.  It also helps me out alot with water supply spots.  Unfortunately, KM doesn’t have any internet access or cell service.  I still was mapless.  I asked Scott where the closest town was.  He said, “Oh, it’s about 50 miles.”  Well that answered that question of going to town.  Went back to the Hilton to strategically find the best way to pack my bag.  Since there wasn’t to many ways to stuff it, the planning part didn’t take as long as expected.  Paul mentioned that Scott will cook you up double cheeseburgers.  I couldn’t resist, this would be my first real burger on the trail.  My first burger in about 700 miles.  Scott fried us both up some doubles.  The store was a great place to resupply at, it was loaded with tons and tons of items.  That even included fresh fruit.  While Paul and I were enjoying our burgers, a couple hikers rolled up.  The first guy turned out to be Malcom.  Right off the bat he asked if I was Knotts.  He also stayed at the trail angel’s house Jeff.  He had seen me posting in the trail logs for the last 150 miles.  I just consistently stayed one day ahead.  After not to long of time Baldor rolled around the corner.  Found out they had been hiking the last 600 miles together.  Baldor’s hat looked familiar, I asked him if he got the hat on Baden Powell.  Thought it was crazy, he was wearing the hat I put up on the log weeks ago.  Couple hours later 5 minutes showed up.  She had gone further into the Sierras with two other guys.  It sounded like they were the first group this season.  Her first night past KM, she got so cold she stayed in another hikers tent.  So she got spooked out and made it back to the store.  She got so flustered she called it quits.  Not to long after that Seahawk showed up.  He had hiked the trail last year, but got sick and had to skip this past portion.  He had quite the stories from last year.  He started off in the second hear, so he met a ton of people.  He told us about some great tips and also going to the top of Mt. Whitney for sunrise.  He said for a couple seconds if you stand in the right place with your hands spread out waving.  You can see a 5 mile shadow.  It was hard to even imagine that, so now I am planning on doing that with Malcom and Baldor.  Had a couple more brews and headed back to crash in the Hilton one last night.


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