Time to Party

Made it to Anderson’s cache after two miles.  There was tons of pop, water, chairs, and a framed scary clown picture.  It was odd at first, but it definitely added a lil character.  Came to Anderson’s place later on that day.  It was an alright place.  They had three futons right out in the driveway were you could relax.  Not sure how old they were, but they weren’t clean at all.  I guess, I wasn’t much cleaner, but it was a different kind of dirty.  Two hikers were hanging out chatting, listening to music, and enjoying life.  The thirty year old guy looked like he had an interesting life.  I wasn’t sure if he was a hiker or if he was just hoping around the country.  Never got his name, but he said he use to ride the trains across the states.  He was thrown in jail a handful of times for it.  He sounded like he got pretty good at it though.  The other guy was in his 50’s.  I think his name was Lieutenant or something.  He was quite the talker.  Was nice to hang out for a bit at Anderson’s.  It also didn’t look like they had showers and that was what I was most in need off.  That and clean clothes, the sand just penetrates and works its way inside yours clothes.  Got back to where I got off the trail and the trail was closed due to a fire.  They hadn’t set up an alternative route besides the road.  So I headed to Upper Shake Campground where the trail continued.  Figured I would try to hitch a ride.  Put out my thumb and got picked up right off the bat.  It was Friday and this kid was ready to party hardy.  He wanted me to party as well once he saw the dreads.  I was tempted but knew I wouldn’t get back to the trail till Monday.  So he dropped me off.  Waited less than five minutes and got pick up again.  This time it was by two gay guys, they were super nice. They dropped me off about five miles up, where I kept walking. I eventually ran back into Haiku and Big Mile.  They both were able to hitch a ride with a lady and her daughter in a small car.  She asked them if they knew me and so she pulled over.  It was hilarious to see three guys with packs on there laps in a tiny car.  She took us as far as possible, now we just had to hike in to the campground for the night.


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