Time to slow down                 April 28, 2015

Time to slow down April 28, 2015

Woke up to 200+ barn swallows chirping and soaring overhead.  They all had there nests right under the bridge.  Took my time enjoying the beautiful morning as my rain-fly dried.  I warmed up tons of hot chocolate and sat drinking that with uncooked oatmeal.  Perhaps one day I might get sick of it.  As I was packing my bag, I noticed the darn swallows pooped on my hand and tent.  I was ferocious and wanted justice, so I picked up some rocks and waited for them to hover under the bridge.  I messed about a half dozen times before I connected.  I killed one and injured another pretty good.  I felt a little bad, cause I wasn’t sure I hit the one that pooped on me.  Lugged my pack on my back and hit the trail.  My pack was so heavy, I didn’t know if my straps were going to bust or not.  As long as I made twenty miles, I’d be happy.  The first part of the day didn’t stop inclining.  After reaching the top I figured I needed to air out my feet.  That also came along with taking a wonderful nap to soak up the sun.  After getting my energy back to full strength, I was determined to accomplish those miles.  The rest of the day turned out to be all downhill, which turned out to be worse on the knees and legs.  Found a nice spring to stock up on right before finding a perfect camping spot by some amazing rock formations.


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