Tips ! ! !      (Nov. 25th, 2015)

Tips ! ! ! (Nov. 25th, 2015)

Brief Tips from the Rookie ! ! !

1. Have your rain gear, pack cover, bear spray and camera handy when the bear is chasing you, and also your snacks and water purifier.

2. Elevate your feet at night. (I cant stress this enough)

3. Peppermint Schnapps is a great way to get you up and going in the mornings.

4. Eat warm meals every night.

5. Since I’m a “thru-hiker” I usually take shorter breaks.

6. Bring items that cover a wide range of uses.

7. Don’t over pack, This makes the hike less tiring and more enjoyable.
Eventually you can feel out what’s best for you.

8. Test your gear.(Rain gear and stove) most important


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