To the Top                    June 10, 2015

To the Top June 10, 2015

Woke up at about 8ish.  After yesterday being so bad, I figured a late start might give me more time to recoup.  Got back to Bob Hat trail junction and started heading north.  Kept crossing quite a few streams.  As the trail kept getting higher and higher, I ran into a small sandy brown rattler.  He was very hard to see in the shade.  Luckily, I saw him just enough time.  The difference with this lil one was he curled up in a ball.  He was also quite shay and timid.  I pushed him off the trail so Baldor wouldn’t step on him.  Had to keep hiking till I hit the spring, since I was low on water.  Set up camp in a saddle.  As I was eating mac and cheese, a massive beetle came flying in at like 10 mph.  The darn beetle hit me right in the chest. It actually really hurt.  I swatted him to the ground and stomped on him till he was flat as a pancake.  Closed the door on my tent, just in case any other beetles where on suicide missions.  With tons of elevation I got worn out.


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