Brooks Range Traverse

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  • Hard to believe it till I walked on the plane.  India has brought it's challenges.  All in all, I've met some great Indian Friends and Foreigner Friends.  Much love to you all, I'll be thinking about India often the next couple months. ✌️🙏
  • Animal imitation 😆 @sassy.sonal
  • US Embassy says it'll be reasonable. 🧐
  • Qatar Airways tripling prices
  • Last supper before India Lockdown.  Hand sanitizer $8.57 a bottle!  India and US government isn't saying much.  Very few answers.. India is going to explode soon
  • Didn't even know there were Mountains in South India till I flew to Delhi 😉
  • Southern tip of India !
Black Betty and I are still rolling.  Between bike repairs and C-word, we've made it 8,000+ kilometers.
  • "And she was as fair as the rose in May."
Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Weird stuff is starting to happen with the c-word.
  • ~Sleep on the beach, why not~
Butterfly Beach, Goa, India
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