Brooks Range Traverse

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  • Talks and walks and naps were so different at Gma Saunders.  Before walking over 20,000 miles in the last 5 years and breaking the AT Speed Record, my Gma Saunders would walk crazy fast in her mid 80s.  I couldn't keep up.  Luckily was able to spend quite a bit of time when I lived nearby from 2011-2015.  Glad I got to see you the other day and hear your voice. 
Picture showing Gma my boat I used to walk and float across Alaskam Brooks Range in 2018.
  • 3 painkillers in... more teeth problems.  Think Im going to have to get them looked away again! Double barely made it thru, dunno if it'll be possible to finish my trek thru Nepal.
  • Larke Pass in Manaslu Region.
  • Bed is bed, where my tent lands is home.
  • Teeth and credit card problems.  GHT Nepal
  • Little sleep the last couple of nights.  Sipping on water every 10-20 seconds at night to numb the pain in my teeth.  Somehow I ran into a cool dude from the Netherlands that had some Oxys.  Dropped a tramidol on top for an extra kick... Still feeling everything.  Was up 23 hours yesterday and made it back to Kathmandu.  Ran to get xrays for the dentist and had her do a filling and half of the Root Canal.  Now just finding out Bank of America reps totally have screwed me on what my credit card offers after being on the phone with multiple reps.  Both completely failed on cash withdrawals and auto - pay.  Kinda important to mention that auto - pay doesn't work for the 1st two months of signing up.  Stuck on Nepal with useless credit cards.  Yay...
  • Came to an invisible trail after trying an undocumented route.  After searching 4 hours it was time to give up.  Main routes certainly have changed from my topo I carried.
  • ~ there she is ~
 Everest Region
  • I actually haven't been walking the last couple of days.  I ran into Anika and Rubi on the way out of Barahbise.  She is super nice and offered me a place to crash for the night.  They live on a family farm, so it was fun to help out a little to plant potatoes and oats.  Certainly was interesting learning about farming in the mountains.  Sushila and Mandira also taught me quite a few Nepali words which was fun.  Great people, great memories!
  • When mountains appear through the clouds there's always magic.
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