Brooks Range Traverse

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  • Back to Lobuche, Everest overlook and bc was cool.  Merry some peeps from Argentina and Holland. Making a push for Cho la, maybe catch a nice sunset, but she'll be chilly. .
  • Full house @ Above the Clouds guesthouse.  Push to Everest bc in the morning.  Time to splurge on some Everest region luxuries 🤙
  • Kanchenjunga was solid
  • Frosty wooden bridge. ~ Still kicking ~
Everest bc in 2 days, then 2 weeks till i get back to Kathmandu for a day off.  Winter is coming fast.  Outty
  • 1st pic ~ 2 goats being transferred on top of a jeep in the mountains
2nd ~ endless tea fields
3rd ~ Nepali scaffolding .bamboo.
Trek begins tomorrow with a polish guy named Alex, Iran dude named Seiad, and a Nepali guide named Bel.  Time to call it a night after some Nepali beer.
  • 9 hour jeep ride up to the Tablejung... where the road ends and the mountains begin.  Driving in Nepal means playing chicken with every oncoming car.  The driver is on the right honked 4 times at every car,  but that's how you drive on these crazy small roads.
  • Do you see the red dot on my cashmere sweater?  Seinfeld 😄
  • Chilling for the night in hotel in Birtamod.  Door to the bathroom is only 5 foot.
  • Trying to track down this bus out of Kathmandu is impossible.  Met quite a few army trucks coming back into town.  Hairpin turns with shear drop offs is making things interesting.  Bus driver  is intent on making good time 😲
  • ~ Nepal Himalayas rough thoughts ~  Catching bus towards eastern side tomorrow~
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