Brooks Range Traverse

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  • Alaska plane ticket booked.  No turning back now.
  • Alaska is right around the corner. 
1st picture : 2300 miles  Brooks Range 18',19'
2nd picture :  1500 - 2300 miles Alaska Traverse 2020  via (Lost Coast, Wrangells,  Denali, Alaska peninsula)

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  • Rough idea Alaska 2020
  • Work since I've been back from India.  My arms are getting jacked.  Beginning prep stages for Alaska.  Time is to fly
  • Glacier np, where it all starts. How old you think this is?
  • When you go deep, you begin to hear the mountains heartbeat.
  • Feels good to be home.
  • Otherside of the world the last 6 months.  Time flew fast.  Here's a zoomed overlook of my 1,600 km walk through Nepal in the Himalayas and 9,000 motorcycle ride around India.
  • Rapid new changes everyday made it difficult to make any good decisions.  The US Embassy didn't provide much help.  Seriously, thought I might have to sleep in the streets for atleast 1 night.
  • Pinch in 4 hours of shuteye hopefully.
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