Trail Angel Jeff        April 11, 2015

Trail Angel Jeff April 11, 2015

With the previous days of 26, 35, and over 40 mile days, it was time for a resting day.  Hiked ten miles to get to the town.  Got my Gear at the Mountain Hardware Store.  One of the items was my new pack.  The new pack weighed about half as much weight as my old one.  Hoping it will help my knees out a lil bit and so I can enjoy the hiking part more.  The other item was my battery charger and that is also half the weight of what I was carrying.  Got everything in my new ULA Catalyst pack and hit up the market.  I was craving chocolate milk, so I bought the second biggest container.  Saw there was a little league game and hit up the library to find a trail angel.  Called up Jeff and his kid Dylan picked me up in no time.  Washed laundry, took a shower, and hung out the rest the night.

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